Our Team

Maria Isolina Catanese - Founder of H2N

I'm the founder of H2N | Human 2 Nature, export consultant, AIS and WSET  member. Entrepreneur with several years of experience in PR, Marketing & Sales.

I worked in Spain for Riu Hotels & Resorts, in the Netherlands for Calvin Klein Europe, in Sicily for Planeta wineries and Cantine Settesoli coop. In Tanzania for "SISI NI KESHO" humanitarian project. It is in this international context, in contact with several working groups, that in 2011 H2N | Human 2 Nature was born.

I currently live in Sicily and Germany where I also hold the role of Brand Ambassador for the holding PROSIT Group. 

My main goal is to support companies grow, from the employee's well-being, to reach personal and professional goals, to achieve group results.

Fabrizio Miccichè - Coach

Fabrizio Miccichè, Ph.D., an IC ACC accredited coach, harmonizes his roles as an Executive Health Coach, Nutrition Specialist, and Personal Trainer with a keen understanding of emotional health's influence on life choices.

From his roots in Italy to his success in The Netherlands, Fabrizio's professional evolution mirrors his commitment to life-work balance and emotional well-being.

He adeptly guides clients through the complexities of emotional distress and its impact on health, particularly eating habits, breaking the cycle of poor lifestyle choices and enhancing physical and mental performance.

Studies and Certifications:

- Ph.D. in Chemistry
- Post- doctoral in Chemistry and Material Science
- Certified Health and Wellness Coach
- Certified Nutrition Coach
- Accredited by Beroepsvereniging Leefstijlcoaches Nederland (BLCN)
- Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
- Certified Personal Trainer
- Specialist in Sports Nutrition
- Specialist in Strength and Conditioning
- EREPS Professional, European Register of Exercise Professionals

He also holds a Doctorate in Chemistry and he has over 15 years of experience as a corporate scientist: this allows him to go beyond conventional coaching.

Francesco Atanasio - Coach

Sono un chinesiologo, esperto in tecniche avanzate di dimagrimento, di ginnastica posturale, di respirazione e di rilassamento fisico.
Pratico l’Arte del movimento consapevole e ho ideato il metodo Rievoluzione Motoria.
Attraverso diversi percorsi di allenamento riscopriremo le incredibili risorse del nostro corpo e l’energia creativa che scaturisce dalla nostra natura di “esseri in movimento”.


  • Dottore triennale in Scienze delle attività motorie e sportive
  • Dottore magistrale in Scienze e tecniche dell'attività motoria preventiva e adattata
  • Istruttore di Apnea

Rievoluzione Motoria
Ho creato il metodo Rievoluzione Motoria per consentire a chiunque di conseguire uno stato di benessere globale, attraverso l’allenamento integrato delle capacità motorie e la riscoperta della stretta connessione tra il movimento consapevole, la postura, la respirazione e il rilassamento fisico.
L’allenamento consapevole consente il pieno recupero delle funzionalità motorie, la riduzione delle tensioni muscolari, la prevenzione dagli infortuni, la riduzione dello stress e della fatica, il raggiungimento di uno stato di equilibrio corporeo e di un peso forma ideale.

Rosie Smith - PNL Coach

A mother, marathon runner, entrepreneur with an adventurous spirit and a wealth of life and business experience. A passion for travel and helping people to achieve their personal and professional goals. To motivate, nurture and encourage one to discover, explore ultimate fulfilment and to help realise those aspirations. Having travelled extensively, an amazing life journey of exploring and discovering a variety of wonderful cultures, attitudes and lifestyles.


  • Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
  • Master level Neuro linguistic Programming

Practitioner certification

  • European Coaching certification
  • Open Business School Professional certificate in Management: The Effective Manager
  • Communications Advertising & Marketing certificate (Marketing, Advertising, Media, Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion, Research and Behavioural Studies, Public Relations)
  • London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Business Diploma

My personal journey has led me to create a unique approach to helping people find their way called the “The Life Walk Way”. Helps refresh the mind and body as well as develop new thinking and con- nections that are personal to you.
I bring together a simple philosophy for supporting, coaching and mentoring to help you nd your unique personal path in life. “The Life Walk Way” is an environment of exploration and discovery to build upon and realise your own personal map of the world.

Shoruq Burjaq - Coach

I am an advanced EFT, Advanced Theta healing and Matrix Re-Imprinting Practitioner.
I help people to overcome anger, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, weight issue, stress, trauma and restore mental and emotional wellbeing.


  • Bachelor of arts in English Literature
  • Certified chef
  • Theta healing advanced practitioner
  • Emotional freedom techniques advanced practitioner
  • Matrix reimprenting practitioner
  • Reiki Practitioner

I am a true believer that healing comes from within ourselves, and only when we resolve personal traumas, limiting beliefs and understand why we do what we do, is when we can bring about change. My passion is to guide people through their own healing journey to and the way to heal themselves, and the the power to take control of their health, well being and experience passion, peace and happiness which are their natural state of being.

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